Water Pollution.

From The American school of Bangkok
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Water is our most important resource (making up roughly 70% our bodies), yet we're destroying it through our pollution. Fresh water comprises of only 3% of all water on Earth. 2/3 of it are frozen, and aside from 0.3% of it being on the surface, the rest of it is underground.
For example:
Over 360 toxic chemicals have been identified in the Great Lakes, the largest group of freshwater lakes on Earth, as well as 43 toxic "hot spots," where areas are particularly poisonous.

a unit on pollution and if you don't understand, the song matches if you ...
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water pollution
an advertisement about water pollution
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Anti-Water Pollution Commercial From Hong Kong
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Pollution Video
The song is "Wisdom Chain" by Liquid Blue and the video is made by Gwin Pearce.
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Sesame Street - Willie Wimple - Water pollution
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Sesame Street - Willie Wimple (Water Pollution)
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Green Kitchen Appliances - Save Water - Home Lifestyle
Save water by choosng energy efficient appliances. More at www.doittv.com.au
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Water Pollution
Water Pollution
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